Couple charged after quarrel over drug money

32-year-old Miranda Marshall and 38-year-old Antwon Parker were charged with domestic assault after he claimed that she was talking to someone who was not there before scratching his face and she claimed that he became upset because she would not give him money for drugs.

On November 12th, Memphis Police Officers T. Jenkins and L. Guyton responded to a domestic violence call at Frayser Boulevard & Brookmeade Street. According to the affidavit, they met with Antwon Parker and he stated that his girlfriend, Miranda Marshall, assaulted him. He advised that she was having a conversation with someone who was not actually there. She then hit the dashboard, turned off the car while breaking his keys, and scratched Antwon’s face before exiting the vehicle. He claimed that he drove away for his safety and that he never hit Miranda.

Per Miranda’s explanation, Antwon wanted to buy more drugs and needed money, therefore, he tried to take her purse that was tucked inside her shirt. She then attempted to leave the vehicle, but Antwon would not let her. Upon grabbing his car keys, she got a cut on her hand. Miranda continued stating that she managed to get out of the vehicle and called the police. She told police that Antwon grabbed her during the incident and repeatedly said that the fight started because she refused to give him her money. Both Miranda and Antwon have had a history of domestic violence against one another. Because of this, both were transported to jail.

Miranda Marshall was arrested and charged with domestic assault. She was later released on a $3,000 bond with conditions.

Antwon Parker was arrested and charged with domestic assault. He was later released on a $2,5000 bond with conditions.

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