Man cuts girlfriend with shard of glass over accusations of infidelity

26-year-old Sean Toohy was charged with domestic assault after he pushed his girlfriend and cut her with a piece of a broken mirror when he accused her of infidelity.

On November 7th, Memphis Police Officer Brown arrived at the residence of 1613 Poplar Oaks Circle in response to a domestic violence call. The caller, Russell, advised he heard a commotion coming from the apartment below him and witnessed several things broken inside through an open window.

Sean Toohy (SCS)
Sean Toohy (SCSO)

Upon arrival, Officer Brown made contact with Maci Holst and Sean Toohy. He stated that he accused her of cheating, and she told police that he started pushing her against the wall and hit her with a piece of glass from a broken mirror. The officer noted a bruise on her chest as well as a cut on her lip and right hand.

Sean Toohy was arrested and charged with domestic assault. He was released on his own recognizance.

CORRECTION NOTICE – Scoop: Memphis erroneously reported that Maci Holst accused Sean Toohy of cheating, when in fact it was Sean that accused Maci of cheating. This has been corrected in the story and we apologize for the mistake.

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