Woman charged after attacking girlfriend with broom, per report

25-year-old Mercedez Neal was charged with domestic assault after she pushed her girlfriend’s head against a car and hit her with a broom for having her phone turned off, per report.

Two charged when found with meth, heroin, and marijuana

54-year-old Michael Posey and 51-year-old George Bargery were charged with possession of marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin, and drug paraphernalia after they both denied ownership of the several bags of drugs found in their vehicle.

Man stomps on girlfriend’s head with Timberlands after car breaks down

28-year-old Maurice Wilkins was charged with domestic assault after he got angry about his Audi breaking down and stomped on his girlfriend’s head, per report.

Woman bites girlfriend’s hand when she refuses to give back her belongings

feat French Jessica

27-year-old Jessica French was charged with two counts of domestic assault after she bit her girlfriend’s hand when she refused to give back her things until she received her phone.

Man cuts girlfriend with shard of glass over accusations of infidelity

26-year-old Sean Toohy was charged with domestic assault after he pushed his girlfriend and cut her with a piece of a broken mirror when he accused her of infidelity.

Thief charged after using battery saw to steal catalytic converters

42-year-old Nathan Shivers was charged with vandalism and theft after he was seen on security cameras stealing auto parts from underneath several cars.

Woman tries to ignore police after causing accident on Hickory Hill Road

22-year-old Antashia Cobb was charged with DUI, possession of marijuana, disregarding a red light, and failure to obey traffic officers after she hit another vehicle and ignored officers when they tried pulling her over.

Man strangles wife when she tells him to leave

feat Gadson Kaime

53-year-old Kaime Williams Gadson, a Memphis youth services specialist, was charged with domestic assault when he pushed, dragged, and strangled his wife when she wanted to know what he was hiding from her.

Argument leads to man’s attempt to stab and run over victim several times

57-year-old Walter Whitaker was charged with aggravated assault and resisting official detention after he threatened another man with a knife and then tried to run him over several times, per report.

Woman charged with aggravated assault after 2 men said she shot one of them over $60

28-year-old Jermiah Jamison was charged with two counts of aggravated assault when two men said an argument over 60 bucks escalated to a car chase and shooting, per report.