Man jumps from balcony after slashing girlfriend’s tire

39-year-old Ricardo Bell was charged with aggravated assault and vandalism after he came at his girlfriend with knives in both hands stating “What you gone do now,” and later jumped from a balcony when he saw police arriving, per report.

On November 14th, Memphis Police Officers responded to a domestic disturbance at 6541 North Country Oaks Circle. At the scene, they were met with Dorthea Williams. According to the report, she stated that she got into a verbal altercation with her boyfriend, Ricardo Bell, who broke a kitchen drawer and armed himself with kitchen knives. She further stated that Ricardo approached her in the parking lot with knives in both hands and said “What you gone do now?” She advised that she feared for her safety, so she got into her vehicle to drive away and Ricardo slashed her left rear tire.

Ricardo Bell (SCSO)
Ricardo Bell (SCSO)

Dorthea claimed that Ricardo damaged a patio chair while trying to jump from her balcony when he noticed the police arriving. After being taken into custody, he waived his Miranda Rights and admitted to slashing her tire but denied threatening her life with the knives. Officers did observe a cut on Dorthea’s tire, a broken kitchen drawer, and a damaged patio chair.

Ricardo Bell was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and vandalism. He was later released on a $25,000 bond.

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