Woman tussles with roommate after he hit her in the face with pink revolver

23-year-old Jessica Kincy was charged with domestic assault causing bodily harm after getting into a fight with her roommate as he was moving out, per report.

On November 13th, Memphis Police Officers J. Tulo and E. Cook responded to a domestic violence call at 3521 Goodlett Road, Apartment 4, The Windgood Apartments. According to the report, they met with Jessica Kincy, who advised that her roommate, Carlos Sanders, was moving out of her apartment. After getting all of his belongings out, the two got into a verbal altercation. Carlos threw Jessica’s house keys into the grass outside the front of the apartment and began to strangle her. She told the officers that she did lose consciousness. She further stated that as she walked downstairs to search for her keys, Carlos walked behind her, spun her around, and struck her three times in the face with what she believed to be a pink in color revolver pistol.

Jessica Kincy (SCSO)
Jessica Kincy (SCSO)

Carlos claimed that he got into a verbal argument with Jessica while attempting to leave the apartment with his belongings. While arguing, both victims put their hands on each other and struck one another during the altercation. Carlos then walked downstairs to finish loading his belongings into his truck.

Both parties had visible injuries and refused medical attention. Officers placed both victims into custody due to not being able to determine a primary aggressor. They were both transported to the Regional Medical Center to be cleared before they were taken to jail.

Jessica Kincy was arrested and charged with domestic assault causing bodily harm. She was later released of her own recognizance.

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  1. Jessica Kincy

    This is straight BS!!! Do even have the rights to do this!!! This a total mockery of what happened to me that night!! I could’ve have literally died that night because he was drunk !!! As well as me going to jail because he lied so I lost all the way around!!! I have a background and got my ass whooped!!! And your making mockery out of this as if you have the right ?!!

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