Man kidnaps ex-girlfriend for breaking up with him

30-year-old Dezmond Harris was charged with kidnapping, domestic assault, and evading arrest after two witnesses reported seeing him chase down a woman, knock her to the ground, and force her into a vehicle.

On November 10th, Memphis Police Officers responded to a kidnapping call at 5909 Shelby Oaks Drive. They were met by Jessica Jefferson who had advised that she saw a female attempting to enter a locked office. She continued to state that a man followed her, knocked her to the ground, and forced her away from the building. A security guard for the property, James Johnson, also reported seeing a female being forced into a blue Nissan by a man.

Dezmond Harris (SCSO)
Dezmond Harris (SCSO)

Per the affidavit, a broadcast was placed, and officers searched for the blue Nissan. Officers found the Nissan occupied by a male and female in the area of 1421 Greentree Valley Court. As they approached the vehicle, Dezmond Harris got out, ran, and refused to stop when told to do so. After a brief chase, he was taken into custody. The woman in the car was identified as Dynasty Craft.

According to the report, Dynasty stated that Dezmond was her ex-boyfriend and advised that he arrived at her job unexpectedly and forced her into the passenger seat of her car. She convinced him to stop at her administrative office and once they arrived she attempted to run for help, but he ended up chasing her down and forcing her into the vehicle for the second time. She further stated that he was upset over her ending their relationship.

Dezmond Harris was arrested and charged with kidnapping, domestic assault, and evading arrest. He was later released on a $5,000 bond.

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