Man threatens officers when they cited him for speeding in his Hellcat

feat Allen Noah

23-year-old Noah Allen was charged with aggravated assault and disorderly conduct after he said to officers “I hope you get shot” when they gave him a ticket for speeding.

On November 23rd, Memphis Police Officer Garrett O’Brien and Lieutenant Kam Wong were on a traffic stop at BP Express Food and Fuel located at 1740 South White Station where they pulled over a Dodge Challenger Hellcat with expired drive-out tags. Noah Allen, the driver, and owner of the Hellcat was observed traveling at 53 MPH in a 40 MPH zone and making erratic lane changes on Mt. Moriah Road by Lt. Wong. Officer O’Brien stated that he issued Allen a ticket for reckless driving. The officer’s report stated that Allen was extremely angry and began shouting loud, angry comments to the officers. He was told that he was free to leave the scene despite his behavior.

Noah Allen (SCSO)

Officer O’Brien stated that he walked to his squad car and prepared to leave when he observed Allen walk to Lt. Wong’s squad car. Allen requested Lt. Wong’s badge number, which was given to him. The officer’s report stated that Allen walked away and said “I hope you get shot!” as he reached into his vehicle. The affidavit stated that O’Brien and Wong grabbed and arrested Allen as patrons of the gas station stopped to watch and listen to him yell profanities at the officers. Allen signed a consent to search and Officer O’Brien retrieved an olive green and black Glock 43 from the glove box. The handgun had one live round and six rounds in the magazine.

Noah Allen was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and disorderly conduct. He was later released on a $100 bond.

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