Owner of Primetime Movers throws wife by her throat in front of their daughters

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36-year-old Matthew Bledsoe was charged with domestic assault after kicking in the front door of his home, chasing his wife, picking her up by her throat, and slamming her onto the floor.

On October 25th, Memphis Police Officers Hill, Welch, and Stewart responded to a domestic violence call to a residence located at 2032 Kingsrow Parkway in Cordova, TN. Matthew Bledsoe, the owner of Primetime Movers, met the officers at the front door. He stated that his wife, Kathryn Bledsoe was still angry from the previous evening. Officers reported the Bledsoe’s had an argument the previous evening and Matthew left the residence for the night. Matthew said that he had returned the next morning to find that Kathryn had locked and deadbolted the front door. Kathryn Bledsoe told officers that Matthew has assaulted her in the past which was why she locked the door to the home. She then said that when he arrived he kicked in the front door, tearing the frame out. The report stated that Matthew yelled at Kathryn and began throwing items in the room. He then picked Kathryn up by the throat and threw her down in front of a television, breaking it.

Matthew Bledsoe (SCSO)

Kathryn stated that she broke away and called 911 two times while hiding in a bedroom. She told police that she has not reported any of the previous assaults due to Matthew threatening to take their 4-year-old and 6-year-old daughters. Also, Kathryn said that Matthew has told their eldest daughter that he wishes Kathryn would kill herself. Reportedly, Matthew grabbed the phone from Kathryn the first time, and the second time their eldest daughter spoke with dispatch. The child told officers that Matthew was chasing Kathryn around the house, trying to hurt her. Officers spoke with Valery Fisher who was upstairs in the residence told officers that she heard a loud crash. Fisher found a 75″ tv broken when she went downstairs after hearing arguing. Another witness, who wished to stay anonymous, in the residence reported to officers that Matthew grabbed Kathryn’s throat and slammed her onto the ground. Officers noted a “road rash” type of injury on Kathryn’s left knee and she refused medical treatment. They also reported that the children were unharmed.

Matthew Bledsoe was arrested and charged with domestic assault with bodily harm. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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