Porch pirate brings his brother on package stealing spree then shoots man with BB gun

18-year-old Jerry Lawhorn was charged with theft, assault, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor after he stole packages from houses with his juvenile brother and shot someone with a BB gun.

On August 30th, Memphis Police Officer Sharp received a theft call at 3840 Ridgeway Road from Nikita Louis. She told the officer her Ring doorbell recorded a male, Jerry Lawhorn, stealing a package from the porch and leaving in a dark-colored Nissan. On September 12th, Officer Palanki arrived at Myra Kane’s residence of 6645 Winding Birch Drive because of a theft call as well. Kane advised officers that her cameras caught a person taking her box and leaving in a Nissan Maxima. She also said her neighborhood watch posted warnings about packages being stolen by the same vehicle.

On October 6th, Officers Alvarado and Turner responded to a call at the residence of 6634 Meadow Bend Drive. Latonya McGowen stated the items she ordered from Ralph Lauren Polo were delivered but someone walked up to the house and stole it. The person was last reported in a newer gray Nissa Altima. On the 16th, Officers Rollins and Turner arrived at 4021 Country Birch Cove in response to a call from Charles Hicks. He advised a dark Nissan car pulled up to his home and took a box UPS delivered.

On October 18th, Officers Hemphill and Ezell arrived at 4287 Satin Oak Cove after a call from Donald Stark. His surveillance system showed the same vehicle parked in front of his house and Lawhorn was recorded taking Stark’s package back to his car.

Jerry Lawhorn (SCSO)
Jerry Lawhorn (SCSO)

On October 22nd, Officers Hillerman and DeBowes received an assault call from 235 South Mclean Boulevard. Jepth Ward advised an older Nissan car pulled up to him as he was waiting at Citgo, 630 North Highland Street. He reported the driver, Jerry Lawhorn, asked if he had ever been shot by a BB gun and proceeded to shoot him multiple times with BBs. Officer Mingo also responded on the 22nd to a vandalism call at the Citgo from Deneshia Harris.

She stated she was working at Citgo with her car parked out front when she witnessed Lawhorn fire the BB pellets at Ward. When she got off later that night and noticed that her rear windshield was shattered. On October 23rd, Officer Fulghum responded to a call at 3815 Highland Park Place. Albert Stemmler advised a gray Nissan pulled up to his house and Lawhorn took a package off his front porch.

On October 26th, Ridgeway Taskforce Officer Buford identified a Nissan Altima that matched a BOLO put out by Detective Westrich on Kirby Parkway and East Raines Road. Officers Buford and Ezell conducted a traffic stop and identified the driver as Jerry Lawhorn, with his 13-year-old brother in the passenger seat. A search of the vehicle revealed a BB gun, 8 BB pellets, and an AR-15 foregrip underneath the seat. Jerry admitted to all of the charges that the detectives stated that they were charging him for. His brother was with him for all of the crimes and is being charged as well.

Jerry Lawhorn was arrested and charged with assault, vandalism, seven counts of thefts, and nine counts of delinquency of a minor. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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