Repeat shoplifter charged after stealing two bags of diapers from Walgreens

67-year-old Larry Horton was charged with theft of property and theft of merchandise after walking out of Walgreens with two large bags of diapers and then telling police that he bought them from Family Dollar, per report.

On November 15th, Memphis Police Officer Ware responded to a shoplifting call at the Walgreens at 1130 South Bellevue Street. While officers were leaving the area from a domestic call, Larry Horton reportedly came riding up the street on his bicycle with two large bags of diapers. Per the affidavit, he is known to police as a repeat shoplifter that frequently steals from Walgreens.

Larry Horton (SCSO)
Larry Horton (SCSO)

Officer Bullard went to Walgreens to see if any shoplifting had occurred while Officer Ware started a conversation with Larry about where the diapers came from and why they did not have a bag for them. Larry told him that there was no bag that would fit the items due to their size and that he bought them at Family Dollar, even though the items in question had a red label that had a Walgreens logo on it. When asked again where he bought the merchandise from, he reportedly changed the answer to “some guy on the corner.”

Inside the Walgreens, Officers asked the store clerk, Kylan Jackson, if he had seen Larry take the items. He told them that he saw Larry leave with the items, but thought that he bought them in the pharmacy area. Larry then admitted to stealing the items and the manager on duty showed officers the surveillance tape of Larry taking the diapers out of the store.

Larry Horton was arrested and charged with theft of property and theft of merchandise. He was later released on a $100 bond.

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