Two charged due to conflicting statements about stolen vehicle

20-year-old Larry Hogan and 53-year-old Phillip Harris were charged with theft after they were caught in a stolen vehicle and gave officers elaborate, yet conflicting stories about how they came to possess it.

On November 9th, Memphis Police Officers Pellegra and Cacaro responded to a report of a stolen 2004 Mercury Marquis in the area of Cooper Street and Trimble Place. The officers stated the vehicle was parked in front of CK’s Coffee Shop located at 1698 Poplar Avenue. According to the affidavit, Larry Hogan was seen sitting in the front passenger seat and when officers approached the vehicle, Phillip Harris exited the shop and walked up to the car. When asked, Harris claimed that he was the owner of the vehicle but according to records, the car was reported stolen on November 2nd by John Wells.

The police instructed Wells to pick up his vehicle and, upon arrival, he informed officers he kept a spare key under the driver’s seat, believing that was how the car was taken. The police were given conflicting statements from both Harris and Hogan. Harris claimed he was given a lost set of car keys near Madison Avenue and drove the car back to his house about a week prior. However, Hogan reported it had been several weeks since Harris bought the car for $600 and came home with the title, although the value of the car was $2,650. Hogan told the police he did have the title at his house but could not provide an address to the officers.

Larry Hogan was arrested and charged with theft. He is currently jailed in lieu of a $3,000 bond.

Phillip Harris was arrested and charged with theft. He is currently jailed in lieu of a $5,000 bond.

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