Ex-boyfriend destroys phone when woman records him fighting with her

47-year-old Anthony Spangler was charged with domestic assault after he held a cigarette to his ex-girlfriend’s face and broke her phone while she was recording him arguing with her.

Man offers stranded woman a ride, runs off with her money and Chihuahua

20-year-old Cameron Tate was charged with theft of property after police say he offered a stranded woman a ride to Michigan and fled with her Chihuahua and other belongings after she gave him gas money.

Man stomps on girlfriend’s head with Timberlands after car breaks down

28-year-old Maurice Wilkins was charged with domestic assault after he got angry about his Audi breaking down and stomped on his girlfriend’s head, per report.

Two charged due to conflicting statements about stolen vehicle

20-year-old Larry Hogan and 53-year-old Phillip Harris were charged with theft after they were caught in a stolen vehicle and gave officers elaborate, yet conflicting stories about how they came to possess it.

Intoxicated woman assaults boyfriend during argument about him cheating

27-year-old Selina Broome was charged with domestic assault after she bit and scratched her boyfriend during an argument over his infidelity.