Wife gets clothes thrown at face and strangled over an argument about food

33-year-old Donnell Boyd was charged with assault after he strangled his wife until she was nearly unconscious over an argument about food that he removed from the bedroom.

On November 7th, Memphis Police Officer Williams responded to a domestic assault call at the residence of Donnell Boyd and Sheronda Williams located at 861 Crockett Place. Upon arrival, Sheronda Williams advised she got into an argument with her husband, Donnell Boyd, over food being taken out of their bedroom.

Donnell Boyd (SCSO)
Donnell Boyd (SCSO)

She stated that Boyd threw clothes at her while she was eating and when she pushed him away, he strangled her until she was nearly unconscious. Boyd reported that she hit him with a broom and broke his TV but claimed he did not lay his hands on her. It was noted that children witnessed the incident and injuries to her neck and her face confirmed her story.

Donnell Boyd was arrested and charged with assault. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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