Woman asks to go to work before pursuing charges on man she attacks

34-year-old Camesha Williams was charged with domestic assault after she followed a man to his vehicle, grabbed his head, and pulled his keys from the ignition in an attempt to keep him from driving away.

On November 8th, Officer Simpson was dispatched to an apartment complex located at 2820 Summit Arbour Circle for a possible domestic violence call. Lee Harmon told Officer Simpson that as he was attempting to leave the apartment complex when Camesha Williams followed him to his vehicle. Williams began to assault Harmon by hitting and grabbing him around his head as he was attempting to start his car. Harmon stated that she was standing where he was unable to close his car door at which point he pushed her away from his car so he could leave. Per the report, she was able to get the keys from the ignition before falling to the ground. She did receive facial abrasions from the fall.

Camesha Williams (SCSO)

Williams stated that she was a victim of assault from Harmon in the apartment and her friend, April Jenes, had witnessed the event. Jenes stated that she did not witness Harmon assault Williams and there were not any disturbances inside of the apartment. Jenes further advised that when Harmon said he was leaving, Williams proceeded to follow him to his car. When she realized that she was going to be arrested, Williams asked officers to let her go to work and she would pursue charges on Harmon at a later time.

Camesha Williams was arrested and charged with domestic assault causing bodily harm. She was later released on her own recognizance.

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