Woman makes threats in Krystal drive-thru window

30-year-old Shakera Buie was charged with two counts of aggravated assault after two women say she pointed a gun at them while in a Krystal drive-thru and yelled “Y’all better stop playing with my sister!”

Teen threatens three officers as his baby momma attempts to collect her belongings

19-year-old Michael Cooper was charged with three counts of aggravated assault after he told the police “y’all got big guns, I got big guns too, I’m going to get my Glock, someone’s going to die tonight” and threatened them with a handgun while his child’s mother was trying to leave the house.

Man charged after crashing vehicle and chasing paramedics around on foot

feat Rawls Blake

24-year-old Blake Rawls was charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction of a highway after he struck a pole with his vehicle, fought with officers, and ran in and out of traffic at the intersection of Mt. Moriah Road and Wilbec Road.

Ex-boyfriend charged despite video advising assault accusations to be false

28-year-old Jeremy Greham was charged with domestic assault after his ex-girlfriend reported that he kicked her in the stomach and pointed a gun at her when she told him other guys flirted with her.

Woman blows .194 after crashing her car

feat Brown Kim

62-year-old Kim Brown was charged with driving under the influence, open container, public intoxication, and reckless driving after she wrecked her Honda CRV with a bottle of Southern Comfort whiskey in the center console.

Wife gets clothes thrown at face and strangled over an argument about food

33-year-old Donnell Boyd was charged with assault after he strangled his wife until she was nearly unconscious over an argument about food that he removed from the bedroom.

Woman caught shoplifting threatens employee, says she will “beat his skinny white ass”

41-year-old Nekema Mathews was charged with theft and assault after she stole from Outdoors Inc. then threatened to pepper spray and beat the employee’s ass if he touched her purse.

Woman says that her roommate tried to gouge her eye out and he said that she fell

feat Harris Elsberry

69-year-old Fred Harris and 58-year-old Barbara Elsberry were charged with domestic assault after they gave conflicting stories about how they obtained injuries from one another.

Woman shoots at neighbor three times during family cookout

33-year-old Tanieka Ray was charged with five counts of aggravated assault when she fired a handgun three times at her neighbor over a dispute about her brother.

Man assaults his girlfriend in front of house guests

25-year-old Stephan Leggett was charged with domestic assault causing bodily harm after he pushed his girlfriend into a wall in front of company, then punched her several times when she tried to get away, and then punched her again when she came back to get her stuff.