Woman caught with marijuana and ecstasy at Indulge Lounge

34-year-old Vivaca Sholar was charged with possession of ecstasy with intent and marijuana after she told police she did not have anything illegal yet allowed officers to search her backpack which contained a blunt and pills.

On October 28th, Memphis Police Detective Kugler reported a drug violation at Indulge Lounge located at 5959 Winchester Road. Detective Holmes advised as she was a decoy, she witnessed two women behind the bar serving alcohol and several people smoking. When detectives arrived at the scene, they reported a strong smell of marijuana inside the building.

As per the report, Detective Holmes observed Malcolm Bullard smoking a cigar, Detective Putman noticed John Worles walking quickly to the bathroom, and Detective Gooch witnessed Nathan Petties smoking as well. After detaining them, detectives found small amounts of marijuana in each of their pockets. Detective Holmes also observed Vivaca Sholar near the bar, putting a mason jar of baggies in her backpack.

Vivaca Sholar (SCSO)
Vivaca Sholar (SCSO)

Detectives Kugler and Griffin reported they approached Sholar and asked if she had anything illegal in her backpack. She said she did not and gave permission for the search. Upon further inspection, detectives discovered a small baggie containing 17 multicolored pills of ecstasy and a blunt in the pockets of the bag. Detectives Fleener and Holmes were also informed by Schoia Echols and Marsheena Hughes they did not have a license to sell alcohol, an ABC card, nor did they know if the Indulge Lounge had the permits to sell.

Malcolm Bullard, John Worles, and Nathan Petties were issued citations. Schoia Echols and Marsheena Highes were issued ordinance summons.

Vivaca Sholar was arrested and charged with possession of ecstasy with intent and marijuana. She was later released on her own recognizance.

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