Woman doesn’t have it her way; charged with disorderly at Burger King

20-year-old Freesia Liggins was charged with disorderly conduct after she cursed at officers and disturbed other patrons at Burger King, per report.

On November 15th, Memphis Police Officers Moore, Golden, Espinoza, and Tudon were detaining a possible suspect at Burger King, located at 2348 Lamar Avenue, when Freesia Liggins approached their squad car. Per the report, Liggins began acting like a fool and cursing at them.

Freesia Liggins (SCSO)
Freesia Liggins (SCSO)

They advised that Liggins was told to leave repeatedly but she refused, continuing to curse and get angry. She was causing such a loud disturbance that people started coming out of Burger King to see what was happening. The officers proceeded to put her under arrest to prevent her from causing any more disruptions.

Freesia Liggins was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. She was released on her own recognizance.

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