Woman flips out on girlfriend about rent; punches her in the face and cuts her

feat Washington, Racquel

44-year-old Racquel Washington was arrested and charged with domestic assault after an argument about rent turned physical when she flipped the mattress her girlfriend was lying on, punched her in the face, and cut her.

On October 31st, Memphis Police Officers Scoggins and Huffman spoke to Jessica Jackson on the corner of David and Fizer Avenue. She stated that earlier that day she was sleeping in her girlfriend’s, Racquel Washington, bed inside the residence located at 2618 Fizer Avenue. She said that Washington went to the room where she was resting at the time and started to yell at her. An argument ensued when Washington asked her about the rent. Racquel reportedly flipped the mattress Jackson was lying on.

Racquel Washington(SCSO)
Racquel Washington(SCSO)

Washington then got aggressive, she said, and started to punch her multiple times in the face. After punching her she stated that she was also cut with a sharp object by Washington. Jackson reported that she was able to escape the house through the back door. Police noted that Jackson had several cuts on her hand, a possible broken finger, and a cut on her neck. Officers then found Washington inside the residence but could not find the object she used to cut Jackson with.

Racquel Washington was arrested and charged with domestic assault. She was released on a $5,000 bond.

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