Masturbating man locks eyes with woman parked next to him at Kroger

35-year-old Daniel McGee was charged with indecent exposure after he masturbated in his car and showed off his genitals to a woman parked next to him.

On October 27th, Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputies Cooley and Stratman arrived at Kroger on 11635 Highway 70 in response to a flasher call. Witness Tracey Clark advised she was on the phone in a parking spot when she saw a maroon Nissan Altima park next to her and nearly hit her car. She stated she looked over at the driver, Daniel McGee, who had his genitals out and appeared to be masturbating.

Daniel McGee (SCSO)
Daniel McGee (SCSO)

Clark said when she made eye contact with McGee, he looked away and “tucked himself in”. Reportedly, she looked at McGee to get a physical description for police and he exposed himself to her again. She stated she started honking to draw attention toward him while she called the police, which caused McGee to drive away from her.

She advised she was able to get his license plate and upon arrival, Deputy Stratman located McGee near the gas station. According to the affidavit, McGee was reported in the surrounding area and had numerous complaints against him in Arlington, Tennessee for the same offense.

Daniel McGee was arrested and charged with indecent exposure. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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