Woman tells friend to “chop it up as a loss” after refusing to return his vehicle to him

27-year-old Ashley Moody was charged with theft of property after she refused to return her friend’s Cadillac and blocked his number after he attempted to contact her.

On October 17th, Memphis Police arrived at 3965 Hedgerow Drive in response to a theft call. Upon arrival, Derrick Jones reported that his friend, Ashley Moody, stole his 2006 Cadillac CTS. He informed the police that he let her borrow his car on October 5th and she was supposed to return it on the 9th.

Ashley Moody (SCSO)
Ashley Moody (SCSO)

He stated that she refused to give him his car back and even blocked his number. When he went to her house to retrieve the car himself, he said she threatened him, telling him “I’m not trying to give you your car back. You are going to have to chop it up as a loss.” His car was valued at $4,861. On October 30th, Ashley was identified by Derrick in a photo line-up.

Ashley Moody was arrested on November 15th, and charged with theft of property. She was released on her own recognizance.

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