Woman throws meat cleaver at pregnant sister over food stamp card

28-year-old Jerica Crawford was charged with domestic assault after she hit her pregnant sister in her stomach and threw a meat cleaver, barely missing her, during an argument about a food stamps card.

On November 16th, Memphis Police Officer Johnson arrived at the residence of 750 Marechalneil Street in response to a domestic violence call. According to the report, Jashae Springfield stated that she and her sister, Jerica Crawford, got into an argument about her having Crawford’s food stamps card. She reported Crawford pushed her onto the bed, sat on her belly, and started punching her stomach.

Jerica Crawford (SCSO)
Jerica Crawford (SCSO)

She advised she was five months pregnant and witnesses Marquesa Kan Hai and Terri Hilger confirmed that Crawford sat on and punched her in the stomach. According to the affidavit, Kan Hai and Hilger were able to get her off of Springfield and when Crawford refused to leave her alone, they told Springfield to run outside. As she left through the front door, Crawford came out of another exit with a meat cleaver in her hand and chased after Springfield, barely missing her when she threw it at her.

Jerica Crawford was arrested and charged with domestic assault. She was released on her own recognizance.

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    1. Lady black

      Mane take this down. The sister lie about it all she was holding her so she wouldn’t hurt her unborn child. The sister hit her and all charges has been dropped against her

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