Man attacks girlfriend, threatens to kill her for not talking to him for six days

50-year-old Waylon Oneal was charged with aggravated assault, vandalism, and possession of meth after he reportedly hit his girlfriend in the face, had sex with her, and threatened her with a knife because she did not talk to him for six days.

On December 6th, Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputies Malone, Bramlett, and Duckworth response to an aggravated assault call at the residence of Waylon Oneal at 5901 Old Millington Road. Upon arrival at 5892 Old Millington Road, Edith Mann informed the police she heard a woman screaming outside and opened her door to Rachael Simmons with a cut on her lip. Rachel told Edith her boyfriend, Waylon Oneal, beat her and Edith immediately called 911.

Waylon Oneal (SCSO)
Waylon Oneal (SCSO)

Rachael advised shortly after she arrived at Waylon’s house, he took her keys and left with her vehicle. According to the affidavit, he returned approximately three hours later and went to the bedroom to tell her “I have some food for you.” When he kissed her neck, she turned around to hug him and he started slapping and punching her. He then took her shoes off, pulled her pants down, and performed oral and penile sex on her.

After he was done, he said “get something to eat” but she was unable to do so due to her lips being swollen. She stated Waylon started crying and saying “this isn’t going to work, pack your stuff and get out.” He also threw a shoe at her face, put a kitchen knife to her chest, and said “I’ll kill you.” He then slapped her leg with the knife and she left the residence to go across the street in her car. She reported Waylon tried to suffocate her with a pillow and that there was damage to the inside of her vehicle that was not there when she arrived.

Waylon stated he was upset because Rachael did not contact him when she left the house six days prior to sell DVDs. He claimed nothing physical happened, however, the deputies noticed a cut on Rachael’s lip and located the knife during a search of the house. They also found one bag with 0.7 grams of meth and another bag with 1.5 grams of meth as well as two straws and aluminum foil on the kitchen table.

Waylon Oneal was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, vandalism, and possession of methamphetamine. He was released on a $7,500 bond.

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    Yes to whom I may concern this is Rachael Simmons the so called victim in the situsation ,I thi k that your blog or what you may call it is totally out of line and I will v
    prssing charges in your attempt to humilate and publise information about the case not only did you have no buisness putting both of our familys okn front street You had no permission. Peroid yes its a free country everyone is intitled to a opinion but I LOVE this man and things did get out of hand but do me a favor get ready to talk to my attorney,he and I have both been doing alot better in our anger issues but as far as the things your jabbering about NO permission futher or evr was granted to you or your scoop

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