Gun-totting man threatens to kill girlfriend by pointing it in her face

43-year-old Joshua Cleveland was charged with aggravated assault when he struck his girlfriend, chased her down, and pointed a handgun at her over a squabble.

Elderly man bludgeons girlfriend with cellphone and strangles her until she passes out

feat Simpson Frank

75-year-old Frank Simpson was charged with aggravated assault when he punched his girlfriend, threw her onto a bed, hit her repeatedly in the head with a cell phone, and strangled her until she passed out.

Boyfriend punches and strangles woman at Motel 6, she says

feat Butler Anthony

25-year-old Anthony Butler was charged with aggravated assault after his girlfriend told police that he punched her in her arm then strangled her after a disagreement.

Man slaps girlfriend over message on her phone; takes her car, phone, and leaves

33-year-old Rodney Benson was charged with domestic assault after he read a Facebook message on his lover’s phone and slapped her repeatedly because of what he saw.