Man charged after quarrel over girlfriend returning home late

26-year-old Curdius Brounson was charged with domestic assault after he and his girlfriend tussled because she came home late, per report.

On November 15th, Shelby County Deputy Freeman was dispatched to 4765 Southern Hills Drive for a simple assault call. Upon arrival, contact was made with Mercedes Dees and Curdius Brounson. Dees was in her car and Brounson was at the window trying to talk to her. During the investigation, deputies notice a fresh scratch on the left side of Dees’s neck. Dees stated that she may have received the scratch when she and Brounson were tussling after a verbal altercation that occurred inside the residence.

Dees stated that she was trying to leave the bedroom when Brounson blocked her and when she tried to move him out of the way, he grabbed her. Deputies then spoke to Dees sister, Aletha Williams, who advised that her sister was yelling for her to call the police. Williams then saw the two of them in a physical altercation and she texted the law enforcement number. Brounson stated that he never hit her and that they only had a verbal fight about her coming home late.

Curdius Brounson was arrested and charged with domestic assault. He was released on a $2,500 bond.

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