Man threatens wife with her own gun during argument about their car

42-year-old Timothy Chambers was charged with aggravated assault after he pointed his wife’s own handgun at her and told her “I am going to kill you and anyone that you called” when she tried to call the police.

On December 8th, Memphis Police Officers Bone, Northcott, and Lavery arrived at the residence of 2190 Gayle Drive in response to an assault call. Upon arrival, Kiona Cobb advised she was at her ex-husband’s house, Timothy Chambers, to get some of her belongings when they started arguing about who owns the title of the car. She stated she tried leaving the residence in her own vehicle but Timothy prevented her from driving away by opening the passenger door.

Timothy Chambers (SCSO)
Timothy Chambers (SCSO)

According to the report, Timothy held down Kiona’s hands so she could not call the police. He then walked to the driver’s side of the car with her black Taurus handgun and pointed it at her, saying “I am going to kill you and anyone that you called.” She told the police he threw the gun on the hood of her car and proceeded to leave the residence in the vehicle they were fighting over.

After the officers received her report, Timothy arrived back on the scene. He refused to give any statement but Kiona confirmed it was him by pointing at the car and stating “there he is.”

Timothy Chambers was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. He was later released on a $5,000 bond.

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