Woman throws curling irons at boyfriend during break-up

25-year-old Rachael Jackson was charged with domestic assault after she admitted to pushing her boyfriend and throwing metal curling irons at him in the midst of their break-up.

On November 24th, Memphis Police Officers Tate and Totten arrived at the residence of 423 Tenacity Court in response to a domestic violence call. Upon arrival, Matthew Washington advised he got into an argument with Rachael Jackson. He said they were making a lot of noise, and things were being thrown because they were breaking up and moving out.

Rachael Jackson (SCSO)
Rachael Jackson (SCSO)

As Rachel came downstairs, Officer Tate asked about scratches on her arm that he noticed. She advised that she pushed Matthew because she did not want him to leave, and threw metal curling irons at him. She stated that the scratches were from when she pushed him a second time, and he grabbed her arm to prevent her from doing it again.

Rachael Jackson was arrested and charged with domestic assault. She was released on her own recognizance.

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