18-year-old Morgan Walker rips mother’s wig off during argument over car keys

18-year-old Morgan Walker was involved in a domestic incident with her mother at their Millers Glen Way residence on April 22nd. When officers arrived, they spoke with Morgan Walker, who stated that she had been involved in a verbal altercation with her mother, Felicia Walker, about returning her car. Morgan then claimed she arrived home, and her mother followed her to her bedroom, asking where her car keys were. Morgan then claimed that both parties began yelling at each other before Felicia Walker, her mother, slapped her across the face. Morgan then advised that they both began hitting each other before her brother, Cortavius Hamer, got involved and held her down by her neck.

Officers then spoke with Felicia Walker, who stated she had asked Morgan to bring her car back multiple times throughout the day and had confronted her when she got home. Felicia admitted to following Morgan to her bedroom, where they both began yelling at each other. Felicia then claims that Morgan ripped her wig off her head, and the altercation became physical. While speaking to Felicia, officers noticed a laceration across her hand, and Felicia stated Morgan bitted her.

Deputies then spoke with Cortavius Hamer, who stated Morgan and his mother did get into an altercation, but he didn’t know who started it. He also stated he observed both parties hitting each other and attempted to break it up. Hamer then proclaimed to have put Morgan into a bear hug to break it up but advised that he did not choke Morgan at any time.

Officers also spoke with Raven Johnson, Morgan’s aunt, and Felicia’s sister. Raven stated that she was on her phone and could hear some scuffling. She also claimed that she heard Morgan threaten to get somebody to “spray” her and Felicia’s residence. Raven also claimed she heard Morgan make that threat numerous times. Due to conflicting stories, officers could not determine a primary aggressor, and both Felicia and Morgan were taken into custody. Morgan was taken into custody for two counts of Domestic assault on April 23rd. 


Morgan Vonsha Walker of Millers Glen Way in Memphis, TN, was booked into the Shelby County Jail on April 23rd, charged with domestic assault with bodily injury. She was released on her own recognizance.

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