Alyssa Leonard spits on multiple police officers while resisting arrest

20-year-old Alyssa Leonard was seen assaulting officers and resisting arrest near Millbranch Road and East Raines Road on May 19th. Officers arrived on the scene after they were advised that four armed males began running after they attempted to pull them over. The men ran from Millbranch and Raines to a Delsa Circle residence before they were retrieved from the residence and detained. After a while, Sincerely Anderson and Alyssa Leonard arrived on the scene, causing a disturbance. Officers told them both to get away from the vehicles, but they refused to listen to officers’ commands. The pair became irate, and officers continued to refuse their orders, so they were both detained. While officers attempted to take Leonard into custody, she began spitting at them. She continued this behavior while being placed in the back of the patrol car before kicking an officer. Officers then attempted to detain Anderson, who was pulling away from officers, refusing to give them her hands. Anderson was very combative with officers and also spat on them as well. Leonard was charged with two counts of assault against a first responder, one count of resisting official detention, and one count of disorderly conduct.


Alyssa Leonard of Lake View Trail in Memphis, TN, was booked into the Shelby County Jail on May 19th, charged with assault against first responder, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. A judicial commissioner set her bond at $1,000.

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