Man caught pushing cart of stolen goods from Methodist University Hospital

40-year-old Demario Moore was charged with burglary of a building and theft of property after he was reported with a cart full of tools and caught on security cameras taking the tools from the Methodist University Hospital.

Man kicks in door of baby momma’s house and steals her keys

25-year-old Deandre Carter was charged with domestic assault and possession of marijuana after he grabbed his child’s mother by her hair and followed her in his car to the precinct, where he was apprehended and searched with a blunt in his ear, per report.

Baby momma cuts man’s face over his new girlfriend, per report

39-year-old Natosha Hooker was charged with aggravated assault after she cut her child’s father from his ear to his mouth when she confronted his girlfriend, per report.

Man found with weed after slamming woman’s head into a wall

33-year-old Michael Ferguson was charged with domestic assault, possession of a handgun, and marijuana after he slammed a woman’s head into a wall, put a gun in a freezer, and exposed marijuana inside his car.

Organized Crime Unit bust duo’s door down and finds 8 grams of crack

54-year-old Mary Love and 33-year-old Crystal Love were charged with possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia after officers initiated a search warrant for their residence then found crack cocaine, a digital scale, and crack cocaine.