Organized Crime Unit bust duo’s door down and finds 8 grams of crack

54-year-old Mary Love and 33-year-old Crystal Love were charged with possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia after officers initiated a search warrant for their residence then found crack cocaine, a digital scale, and crack cocaine.

Woman sits on sister’s couch while overdosing; admits to shooting up heroin

feat Armstrong Kaye

26-year-old Kaye Armstrong was charged with possession of crack cocaine when she told police that she had taken heroin, which caused the overdose, and police found crack in her fanny pack.

Man tries to buy smokes with counterfeit $100 bill

feat Durham Kelvin

30-year-old Kelvin Durham was charged with forgery and possession of a controlled substance with intent after a complaint from a Shell employee when he was trying to make a purchase with counterfeit money.

Booked a room but slept in jail: Memphis man caught with crack, marijuana, and sizzurp

52-year-old Cedric Jones was charged with possession of cocaine, possession of legend drug without prescription, possession of marijuana, and two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia when the Memphis Multi-Agency Gang Unit detained him outside the hotel he was staying in.

That cut straw is for my Fentanyl and my bars, suspect tells Memphis Police

A wanted felon, a sex offender, and two drug users step out of a car. That’s not the start of the latest water-cooler joke, but instead what Memphis Police officers encountered in the parking lot of America’s Best Value Inn on American Way.