Man kicks in door of baby momma’s house and steals her keys

25-year-old Deandre Carter was charged with domestic assault and possession of marijuana after he grabbed his child’s mother by her hair and followed her in his car to the precinct, where he was apprehended and searched with a blunt in his ear, per report.

On November 18th, Memphis Police Officer Clark arrived at the residence of 4272 Graceland Drive in response to a domestic violence call. Upon arrival, Donnecia Moffitt reported that her child’s father, Deandre Carter, kicked open her door and stole her keys. She said she called her friend, Bianca Richmond, to go to a locksmith, and when she arrived back at her residence, Carter pulled up in her vehicle.

Deandre Carter (SCSO)
Deandre Carter (SCSO)

She stated that he grabbed her by her hair but that she was able to get back in the car with Richmond and leave the apartment complex. However, Carter started following them, driving recklessly and attempting to block them in. Richmond and Moffitt proceeded to drive to the precinct, where Carter followed and was taken into custody. Officers did not see any visible signs of injury on Moffitt, and she refused medical attention. During the arrest, a search of Carter was conducted, and it revealed a blunt tucked in his left ear that was reported as one gram of marijuana.

Deandre Carter was arrested and charged with domestic assault. He was released on a $15,000 bond.

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