Man slaps and punches girlfriend during argument

27-year-old Darien Stennis was charged with domestic assault after he punched and slapped his girlfriend during an argument about their relationship.

Girlfriend calls man a “hoe” for suspected cheating, he retorts by strangling her, per report

39-year-old Thigpen Verdelski was charged with domestic assault after he put his hands around his girlfriend’s neck, leaving red marks, though she said that she did not feel strangled.

Neighbor hears man shooting his weapon in response to nonaggressive dog

48-year-old Spannish Taylor was charged with shooting his weapon into the ground twice in response to his neighbor’s dog that showed no aggression, all seen with security camera footage.

Son happy after assault charge for telling mom: “Bitch I will burn this MF-er down and kill you!”

21-year-old Derek Garner was charged with domestic assault when his mom told him his friends had to leave and he told her “Bitch I will burn this motherfucker down and kill you” before strangling her and punching her in the face.