Man charged after raging when his wife confronted him about a pair of female underwear

29-year-old Lester Howard was charged with domestic assault after he went into a fit of rage, breaking a mirror, tearing the door off the hinges, and trashing the bedroom, per report.

Drunk man charged after falling asleep while driving

53-year-old Mensah Ajanaku was charged with DUI, violation of financial law, no driver’s license, open container law, public intoxication, and reckless driving after he was seen asleep at the wheel of his moving vehicle and refused multiple times to turn off the engine.

Man accused of whacking girlfriend in head with fire iron after stating “I will kill you”

59-year-old Robert Caldwell was charged with domestic assault when he attacked his girlfriend of twenty years by strangling her, throwing her on the floor, and hitting her in the head with a fire iron.

Man refuses to pay for his order at Da “Sauce” Wings

32-year-old Tarrus Pointer was charged with disorderly conduct after being asked by employees of Da “Sauce” Wings and officers multiple times because he refused to pay for his order.