Man charged after raging when his wife confronted him about a pair of female underwear

29-year-old Lester Howard was charged with domestic assault after he went into a fit of rage, breaking a mirror, tearing the door off the hinges, and trashing the bedroom, per report.

Woman pulls knife on husband for not leaving her house

43-year-old Charleen Taylor was charged with aggravated assault after she pulled a knife on her husband for not leaving her house, telling him “you are going to leave either by choice or force.”

Man breaks girlfriend’s phone then follows her to a friend’s house to apologize

39-year-old Curtis Rocquemore was charged with domestic assault after his girlfriend called the police on him for breaking her phone but then refused to prosecute.

Memphis man beats his father after a conversation about drugs

feat Garcia Cesar

19-year-old Cesar Garcia was charged with domestic assault after beating his father during a conversation about him having drugs.

Man accused of whacking girlfriend in head with fire iron after stating “I will kill you”

59-year-old Robert Caldwell was charged with domestic assault when he attacked his girlfriend of twenty years by strangling her, throwing her on the floor, and hitting her in the head with a fire iron.

Disorderly woman aggressively curses at neighbors and threatens them in front of police

18-year-old Archantanee Jackson was charged with disorderly conduct when she was screaming into a home at its residents. She was cursing and threatening them which was disrupting the neighborhood.