Drunk man charged after falling asleep while driving

53-year-old Mensah Ajanaku was charged with DUI, violation of financial law, no driver’s license, open container law, public intoxication, and reckless driving after he was seen asleep at the wheel of his moving vehicle and refused multiple times to turn off the engine.

Memphis man drives erratically into oncoming traffic with 2-year-old son in the front seat

29-year-old William Smith was charged with child endangerment and reckless driving after officers spotted him driving erratically and swerving into oncoming traffic with his 2-year-old son in the front seat with only a seat belt on.

Memphis woman takes ‘duckface’ mugshot after DUI arrest

Mikayla Coleman was charged with driving under the influence, failure to exercise due care, public intoxication, driving while license suspended, and violation of financial law after being involved in a vehicle accident and officers conducted a field sobriety test and discovered her license to be suspended.