Man bites cheek of ex-girlfriend when she blocks him from entering home

42-year-old Lawrence Fulwiley was charged with domestic assault after he punched his ex-girlfriend in the face as she sat in the front seat of her uncle’s vehicle after another altercation took place in a residence, per report.

Man “playing” with gun at brother’s house escorted home; returns later for assault

29-year-old Willie Harris was charged with assault, trespassing, and public intoxication after waving a gun around at his brother’s house, getting into an altercation with him, then returning to assault him after police escorted him home.

Man comes out of woods with bat and gun; shoots victim in both arms

30-year-old Demarceo Minnis was charged with aggravated assault after he attempted to beat a man with a baseball bat, but resorted to shooting him as he ran away.