Jonie Bowen jailed for prostitution and indecent exposure near SouthEast Motel in Memphis

23-year-old Jonie Bowen was one of several females who were congregating, waving at passersby in front of The Southeast Motel, which is on the Attorney General’s No Trespass Program due to being known for violent crimes, prostitution, and illegal narcotic distribution, during the evening hours of October 20th. Officer Tulo responded to a complaint call regarding the possibility of numerous female sex workers at Lamar Avenue. Upon arrival, Officer Tulo activated his blue lights and was able to detain Bowen after a short foot pursuit. Bowen denied occupying a room at the Southeast Motel and was observed to be wearing black see-through lingerie, exposing her body parts to the public, as she loitered. Bowen told officers that she was previously charged with the manifestation of prostitution in Dallas, Texas. Officers placed Bowen in custody for criminal trespassing, evading arrest, prostitution, and indecent exposure.

Man threatens to beat Pro Cleaners’ employee’s “ass” for not getting stains out

60-year-old Vernon White was charged with criminal trespassing and assault after threatening to beat Pro Cleaners’ employees for not getting the stains out of his pants.

Man steals $200 worth of food from momma’s fridge; caught two weeks later

30-year-old Larry Burton was charged with criminal trespass and vandalism after he broke into his mother’s home and stole food from her refrigerator.

Man “playing” with gun at brother’s house escorted home; returns later for assault

29-year-old Willie Harris was charged with assault, trespassing, and public intoxication after waving a gun around at his brother’s house, getting into an altercation with him, then returning to assault him after police escorted him home.

Man trespasses and points gun at another, per report

29-year-old Patrick Bolin was charged with criminal trespass and aggravated assault after he pointed a semi-automatic handgun at a man in the middle of the street.

Trespasser told officers “I’ll fu-k you up!” after they catch him sneaking on VA Medical property

60-year-old Johnny Poole was charged with disorderly conduct and criminal trespass when an officer caught him sneaking around the Veteran’s Medical Center. He told them he was just “taking the fu-king shortcut home”.

Over 34 grams of cocaine recovered in Memphis man’s fanny pack

37-year-old Brandon Triplett was charged with criminal trespass, possession of cocaine with intent, possession of unlawful drug paraphernalia, and violation of parole after police discovered over 30 grams of cocaine and a scale inside his Nautica fanny pack.

Man spits on officer while waiting to be booked on trespass charge

29-year-old George Davis was charged with criminal trespass and assault after he was reported for stealing two beers at Express Mart and ordered to not go back onto the property. Later that same day, he was found at the business, placed into custody, and spit on an officer’s arm while waiting to be booked.

Man charged with meth, barred from trailer park after couple return to him in their home with knife

22-year-old Jared Bryant was charged with aggravated burglary, criminal trespass, possession of methamphetamine with intent, and two counts of aggravated assault after a man and woman told police they returned to their residence and he threatened them with a “long pocket knife.”