Bad boy charged with firearm heist at grocery store

23-year-old Devan Goodman was charged with robbery (acting in concert 2 or more) after he and Artavious Dowell ambushed a man coming out of a grocery store and stole his firearm.

On March 10th, Devan Goodman was speaking with an old associate, Jenario Davis, at AOK Groceries located on 2725 Rangeline Road. According to the affidavit, Jenario stated he was sitting in his vehicle’s driver seat with the door ajar and Devan was standing next to him. At some point in the interaction, Devan spied a handgun stowed in Jenario’s left-hand coat pocket and made an attempt to seize it. This caused Jenario to rise out of the vehicle and Devan took the opportunity to sucker-punch him.

The two men grappled over the weapon until a third, unknown person, interjected. This accomplice held Jenario long enough for Devan to pilfer the Taurus G3 9mm gun, valued at $284. Jenario flagged down a Memphis police vehicle to report this but refused medical attention despite his injuries.

Devan and the unidentified lackey escaped the scene in a red Dodge Charger. Investigators were able to secure footage from the Shell station at 2711 Rangeline Road that corroborated Jenario’s story, as well as identified the accomplice as Artavious Dowell, owner of the getaway vehicle. On March 11th, Jenario identified Devan Goodman out of a pictorial line up.

On March 14th, Devan Goodman was arrested and charged with robbery (acting in concert with two or more). He was later released on his own recognizance.

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