Man strangles girlfriend after becoming upset with his mother, per report.

41-year-old Tarrell Crawford was charged with aggravated assault after reportedly pulverizing his girlfriend and claiming that she was attempting to hit him because of messages she saw on his phone.

Thief kicks in door, puts arm around man’s neck and a knee in his side to steal $450 and a phone

46-year-old Jacques Green was charged with aggravated burglary and robbery after kicking in the door to someone’s home and stealing cash as well as a cell phone from their pocket.

Fugitive jailed after shoving girlfriend’s head through a wall

38-year-old Vonkarius Levy was charged with domestic assault when his girlfriend told police he pushed her head through a wall. Levy also had warrants for robbery, theft and an additional domestic assault.

Husband robs wife at gunpoint for leaving to do hair

31-year-old Reginald Chavis was charged with aggravated robbery after pulling a gun on his wife before she left to go do hair late in the evening. When she returned, Chavis began arguing with her about where she’d been. He then grabbed their baby and ran off down the street.

Bad boy charged with firearm heist at grocery store

23-year-old Devan Goodman was charged with robbery, acting in concert, after he and Artavious Dowell ambushed a man coming out of a grocery store to plunder his firearm.

Three men team up against one at gunpoint to hijack his cell phones

17-year-old Kevion Bell was charged with aggravated robbery and evading arrest, 18-year-old Lemarkus Brown was charged with aggravated robbery and false reporting, and 20-year-old Martin Milan was charged with aggravated robbery, theft of property, carjacking, and unlawful possession of a weapon after they teamed up against one person at gunpoint and stole his two cell phones.