Memphis couple burgles daughter’s home, resulting in assault charges

51-year-old Willy Lipsey and 60-year-old Renee Clark were charged with assault and aggravated burglary while breaking into Renee’s daughter’s residence and Willy choked her to lose consciousness while Renee kicked her in the ribs while down.

On April 27th, Memphis Police were dispatched to a report of a burglary at 23 S. Pauline. The engaged couple, Willy Lipsey and Renee Clark, pillaged Emily Hill’s apartment by breaking off a vent to reach the inner mechanism of the lock on the door. They previously lived with Emily, Renee’s daughter, who then asked them to leave and they refused to do so this lead to a physical altercation.

Willy proceeded to grab Emily’s neck and choke her until a slight loss of consciousness, while she was held down Renee proceeded to kick her in the ribs causing more bruises. The officers arrived at the apartment to find Willy and Renee outside the residence. Upon talking to Emily, who identified both of her assailants, the officers could see the bruises on her neck.

Willy Lipsey was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and aggravated burglary. Renee Clark was arrested and charged with domestic assault and aggravated burglary. Both were later released on their own recognizance.

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