New girlfriend charged with continuously harassing beau’s baby mama’s family

32-year-old Marquita Mack was charged with unlawful exposure and harassment again when she continued the persecution of her boyfriend’s children’s family. Her behaviors include threatening calls, visits, social media and even postal mail.

On May 4th, Memphis Police Officer Taylor was called to 7257 Germanshire Oak Cove by Gail Hopkins. According to the affidavit, Gail told officers that Marquita Mack, the current girlfriend of her grandchildren’s father, was threatening her and her family. Mack has posted photos of Gail’s home on Facebook and made incessant calls to Gail at her place of employment threatening to harm her.

Marquita Mack (SCSO)
Marquita Mack (SCSO)

Mack sent threatening letters through the postal service to include “provocative vaginal and butt” photographs of Jazmyn Hopkins. Gail Hopkins stated that she fears for her life and the safety of her family because of Mack’s behaviors, to include showing up randomly at Hopkins’ residence.

Marquita Mack was arrested and charged with unlawful exposure and harassment. She was later released on her own recognizance.

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