Destiny Anthony jailed after harassing her children’s guardian

23-year-old Destiny Anthony was arrested on October 18th for reportedly harassing her children’s legal guardian, Jamie Porter, on numerous occasions between August and September. Porter spoke with officers on the 25th of August and showed them threatening texts that her niece, Anthony, had sent the day before. Officers were advised that Anthony was angry due to Porter having custody of her children. Texts from Anthony stating, “If I can’t have em none of you b*tchess [sic] ain’t gone have them” and “You n your kids n mines gone die tonight I stamp that hoe” were observed by officers. Porter showed officers Anthony’s texts from August 25th that had her concerned for her safety stating, “I am at your house if I catch you coming out the house I’m sh**ting you dead in your face.” Anthony’s identity was confirmed via Porter as she called her and put her on speaker phone in front of officers. Then, on September 5th, Porter contacted officers again regarding threats being sent from Anthony from a few days prior, stating that she was going to have someone burglarize Porter’s house, even after being told not to contact her again.

Man calls ex-girlfriend over 60 times, slaps and strangles her in store parking lot

42-year-old Demetrius Reed was charged with harassment and aggravated assault after police say he called his girlfriend more than 60 times, threatened to hurt her, and strangled her when he found her later that same day.

Woman sprays asthmatic neighbor with fire extinguisher

55-year-old Kristin Fletcher was charged with assault, harassment, and vandalism after she accused her asthmatic neighbor of smoking and sprayed him in the face with a fire extinguisher.

Man continuously harasses and threatens the mother of his child; per witness report

30-year-old Edgar Alvarado was charged with harassment and drug paraphernalia after showing up to his ex-girlfriends’ house, banging on the windows, and threatening her.

‘Whokid Doobie Grape’ plays no games behind feelings on Facebook

23-year-old Dontevious Stewart was charged with harassment, unlawful possession of a weapon, and possession of marijuana when he threatened, “I’m down to kill a whole house when my feelings involved” on Facebook.

New girlfriend charged with continuously harassing beau’s baby mama’s family

32-year-old Marquita Mack was charged with unlawful exposure and harassment again when she continued the persecution of her boyfriend’s children’s family. Her behaviors include threatening calls, visits, social media and even postal mail.

Memphis man barricades himself after threatening to cut his ex’s face off with a knife

35-year-old Drew McCarter was charged with hitting his ex-girlfriend in the head when she refused to get back with him, locking her in her room and threatening to “cut her face off with a knife” if she left.

Memphis man exposes himself, wraps dollar bill around genitals

31-year-old Michael Birdsong was charged with indecent exposure, aggravated criminal trespass, and possession of drug paraphernalia after he exposed himself at a Memphis convenient store.