Officers in fear of catching COVID-19 after woman coughs on them saying “I have Coronavirus”, per report

31-year-old Marisol Saldana was charged with assault and resisting arrest after she was transported to the Memphis Mental Health Institute where she slipped out of her cuffs and attacked officers by coughing and telling them she had COVID-19.

On May 5th, the defendant, Marisol Saldana, was being transported to MMHI at 951 Court Avenue by Officer Samuels. They arrived and Saldana had slipped her hand out of the cuffs during the ride so when Officer Samuels opened the door she shoved her way out of the back seat. Officer Samuels grabbed her and brought her to the ground as she kicked and grabbed at the officer. He called for back up while wrestling with the defendant.

Marisol Saldana (SCSO)
Marisol Saldana (SCSO)

A witness, Rodney Hampton, who worked at MMHI saw this and began to help, Officer Brooks arrived and finally handcuffed Saldana. They had her pinned to a wall inside of the MMHI when Officer Sumner showed up to help transport her because she continued to kick and try to escape.

When the officers were interviewing her she began cursing and yelling. Saldana also coughed on Officers Samuels and Brooks telling them that she has COVID-19, scaring the officers for their lives. MMHI refused to take her into custody so they obtained medical clearance and transported her to Jail East.

Marisol Saldana was arrested and charged with assault and resisting arrest. Her bond was set at $2,500.

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