Sister fight: One cuts the other for pushing her face

25-year-old Jasmine Strayhorn and 24-year-old Jewel Strayhorn were charged with assaulting each other when Jewel spoke to Jasmine’s daughter in a way she didn’t like that resulted in face pushing and cutting.

On May 13th, Officer White was dispatched to Ridgewyck Apartments at 6099 Knight Arnold Road for an aggravated assault. White made contact with Jasmine Strayhorn first. She told the officer that Jewel Strayhorn cut her hand with an eyebrow razor after a verbal altercation about her child. Jewel stated that she was just trying to defend herself and forgot that the razor was in her hand.

Officer White spoke to their other sister, the witness, Diamond Strayhorn. Diamond told Officer White that Jewel said things to Jasmine’s daughter that she didn’t like, so Jasmine pushed Jewel’s face and Jewel then cut Jasmine’s hand with the razor. Jewel suffered a cut on her left index finger and Jasmine had a deep cut on her right hand. Both were treated at Regional One until they were medically cleared.

Jasmine Strayhorn was arrested and charged with domestic assault. Jewel Strayhorn was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. Both were later released on their own recognizance.

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