Brotherly duel results in shots fired and the neighbor’s car damaged

25-year-old Brandon Richardson was charged with aggravated assault after he fired two or three shots at his brother while he was driving away that struck a neighbor’s vehicle twice. He says his brother fired a shot at him first that grazed him in the head.

On June 20th, Memphis Police Department arrived at 3442 Point Pleasant Avenue in response to shots fired call. Brandon Richardson, the defendant, was brandishing a semiautomatic handgun when MPD arrived. He said that he and his brother, Keith Boyd, were fighting and during the fight, Boyd shot the handgun at him which grazed his head. Their mother, Marie Bullock gained possession of the gun while they fought. She told police that Richardson then physically took the handgun from her and chased him outside and shot at him two or three times as he was driving away.

Brandon Richardson (SCSO)
Brandon Richardson (SCSO)

No one was injured but a neighbor’s vehicle was struck twice. Boyd was not on the scene when MPD showed up. After being placed into custody, Richardson was transported to Felony Response to give his statement. He told them that the fight was over a missing backpack that was found then Boyd fired at him inside the residence. Then he said that he took the gun from his mom for his own safety then placed it outside on the ground by the mailbox. As for the shots that struck the neighbor’s vehicle, he said that he had no idea how they got there for he did not shoot the gun at all.

Brandon Richardson was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. His bond was set at $10,000.

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