Burger King employee nabs vehicle while owner assists during accident

22-year-old Danasia Jackson was charged with theft of property after allegedly stealing a Nissan Altima while the owner was assisting another driver during an accident and was caught with the vehicle nearly a month later while working at Burger King.

On May 19th, Sarah Fowler informed law enforcement that her Nissan Altima had been stolen at the intersection of Getwell and E Holmes Road. According to the affidavit, a bystander got into her vehicle and began to drive eastbound from the location while Fowler was aiding a driver who had been in an accident. The National Automobile Dealer’s Association estimated the value of the Altima at approximately $4,275.

Danasia Jackson (SCSO)
Danasia Jackson (SCSO)

On June 9th, officers received a call regarding the location of the stolen vehicle at the Burger King located on 4430 Summer Avenue. Upon arrival, law enforcement made contact with Matt Fowler, who informed officers that he spotted the thieved sedan while en route to the restaurant.

While on the phone with Shelby County Police, Fowler states to have seen a Burger King employee, later identified as Danasia Jackson, enter into the stolen Altima. The sedan’s Vehicle Identification Number came back as stolen and Jackson was apprehended for theft of property. Jackson was later transported to the General Investigation Bureau, to where she was read her Miranda rights and refused to give a statement.

Danasia Jackson was arrested and charged with theft of property. She was later released from custody on her own recognizance.

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