Memphis man headbutts and punches girlfriend, demands her to take off clothes

25-year-old Cortimothy Partee was charged with domestic assault after headbutting, punching, and verbally assaulting his girlfriend when she arrived home and then made her take off her clothes because he bought it for her.

On June 8th, Officer Holmes was dispatched to 200 E Red Oaks Drive in regards to a call of domestic violence. Upon arrival, officers spoke to both parties that were involved. The relationship between Cortimothy Partee and Olivia Pegram is that the two share a set of one-year-old twins and are currently in a relationship. Pegram informed law enforcement that her boyfriend began to verbally assault her as she entered the residence, reportedly humiliating her.

Cortimothy Partee (SCSO)
Cortimothy Partee (SCSO)

Partee continued to demean Pegram while walking towards her, allegedly claiming that she incites him to attack her. Pegram stated that Partee kept on with the abuse and eventually got into the face of Pegram, to which she responded by extending her arms to create space between the two. According to the affidavit, Partee then headbutted and punched his girlfriend on the head.

After assaulting Pegram, she was allegedly commanded to take off her clothing, because Partee purchased it for her. As Pegram began to undress, Partee hurled a candle at her person. Officers noted injuries sustained to both parties, Partee suffering slight contusions on his neck from Pegram’s arm extension and a bruised hand from the punches delivered to Pegram.

An active domestic assault warrant for Partee’s arrest was discovered involving Pegram, resulting in the determination that Partee was the primary assailant in the incident. Based on the warrant, Partee was taken into custody for the most recent occurrence as well as the domestic assault occurring on May 2nd. Both parties denied medical treatment. Pegram would later complete a hold harmless form and refused the opportunity to speak with an advocate.

Cortimothy Partee was arrested and charged with domestic assault. His total bond was set at $6,500.

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