Man beats and rapes ex-girlfriend after accusing her of cheating while he was in jail

30-year-old Eric Williams was charged with aggravated rape, aggravated kidnapping, and violating his bond conditions after he was released from jail for assaulting her on May 29th and proceeded to further assault and rape her on June 5th because he thought she cheated on him while he was incarcerated.

On June 5th, Memphis Police Department (MPD) showed up to the 1500 block of Pendleton around 2 am and found the victim, N. Brown, of aggravated rape, call all bruised up with the defendant, Eric Williams. They explained that they were in a relationship for three years and broke up due to Williams hitting her which he was charged with domestic assault for on May 29th. Reluctantly Brown decided to come back which later caused Williams to get upset and accuse her of sleeping with another man while he was in jail.

Eric Williams (SCSO)
Eric Williams (SCSO)

She described him as a kind of upset that she was unfamiliar with and it scared her, she said that he began hitting her in the face and body. Then she said that he held her down on the floor and forced penile/vaginal sex as well as penile/anal sex while choking her and threatening to kill her if she tried to leave.

After he fell asleep she managed to text Amanda Way Crisis hotline off of a text application to contact 911. Police arrived and knocked but no one answered, they forced entry and retrieved Williams to place him into custody and transport Brown to Methodist University and then Rape Crisis.

Eric Williams was arrested and charged with aggravated rape and aggravated kidnapping. He is currently being held in lieu of a $250,000 bond.

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