Memphis man attacks former lover while she walks her dog

58-year-old Ricardo Greer was charged with domestic assault with intent to cause bodily harm after he attacked his former lover while she was out walking her dog.

On July 18th, Officer Perez-Rios and Officer Hoppers responded to a reported assault at Hope Heights Tower apartments located at 383 Madison Avenue. Tamara Quinn advised police that she was out walking her dog outside of her complex. As she was walking under the bridge on Danny Thomas Boulevard, Ricardo Greer approached her and began screaming at her.

Ricardo Greer (SCSO)

Ricardo then walked up and grabbed Ms. Quinn by the hair. As the situation escalated he to shoved her to the ground. In Ms. Quinn’s statement she advised that she had been in a sexual relationship with Ricardo in the past. When police offered for her to speak to a counselor in regard to the incident she declined. Upon confirming Ms. Quinn’s suspicion that Ricardo was still outside her home, police arrested him and transported him for booking.

Ricardo Greer was arrested and charged with domestic assault with intent to cause bodily harm. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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