Memphis man beats girlfriend over $500 while his father stands and watches

28-year-old Darius Williams was charged with domestic assault after he grabbed his girlfriend by the hair and repeatedly hit her in the face when she asked him to return $500 of her money. While being attacked, his father stood and watched and threatened to shoot her if the police came, per report.

On June 25th, Dawn Hester reported to police that 7 days prior on June 18th, she was assaulted by her boyfriend Darius Williams. She stated that Darius was driving her vehicle that night and they started arguing about money. They pulled up at his father’s house at 4455 Cedar Creek Cove and she asked him to return the $500 that she asked him to hold for her so that she could start a business.

Darius Williams (SCSO)

Dawn went on to say that she picked up her money off his lap and he immediately responded by grabbing her by the hair and hitting her in the face. She was able to get out of the car, but Darius caught her in the front yard, threw her to the ground, and repeatedly hit her in the face. At this point, Dawn said she tried to call police but Darius kept stopping her.

While this was happening, Dawn stated that Darius’ father Gerald Williams stood and watched the entire incident and threatened to shoot her if the police showed up. She was finally able to get away by getting back inside her vehicle. Officers noted they did not see any visible injuries on Dawn.

On June 25th, Darius Williams was arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set at $10,000.

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